On Woody Allen and GiTS

Nuno posted on his blog something that I wanted to reply. Since I couldn't because the text was considered spam (I really wonder why!), here's the reply. Please, read his post first if you want to understand mine.

I really like that film. In fact I really like most of Woody's films and as I was chating with Tuxa about the film after it had ended, we came to the conclusion that none of us know anyone else who really likes Woody's films the way we do.
Well, probably not like the way you do, but I also think that WA's movies rock :-)

On "Personal Memory Assistants", it's quite like the envision you have in "Ghost in The Shell" (both manga, movies and series), and yes, it's a way of living so far away of nowadays that it's difficult to entitle it as an utopia or dystopia... Probably the best way to define it being just "future" - nor better or worse, just different. If you didn't watch it, then forget for some time that you don't like Anime and try to see it :-)