I shouldn't be so harsh on Fedora. I know. I shouldn't, because then they revenge themselves on me and make me hate them more... and suffer. With the latest Fedora Core 4 updates, I suddenly lost my keyboard on KDE. That's right, I'm using Gnome (which I don't like) because my KDE on Fedora has no fucking keyboard. People continue to say that I'm too harsh on them, that "shit happens" but I can't just believe how moronic can someone be to push such unstable updates to an self-proclaimed "stable" distribution release. I'm using Fedora Core 4 on this machine, Fedora guys tell that this is a stable version, and then, out of the blue, in the middle of one day of work, I suddenly loose my keyboard on KDE, loose all my produtivity because I'm used to KDE and not to Gnome, have to configure Gnome my way, and... ARGH!

I officially HATE Fedora.