I shouldn't be so harsh on Fedora. I know. I shouldn't, because then they revenge themselves on me and make me hate them more... and suffer. With the latest Fedora Core 4 updates, I suddenly lost my keyboard on KDE. That's right, I'm using Gnome (which I don't like) because my KDE on Fedora has no fucking keyboard. People continue to say that I'm too harsh on them, that "shit happens" but I can't just believe how moronic can someone be to push such unstable updates to an self-proclaimed "stable" distribution release. I'm using Fedora Core 4 on this machine, Fedora guys tell that this is a stable version, and then, out of the blue, in the middle of one day of work, I suddenly loose my keyboard on KDE, loose all my produtivity because I'm used to KDE and not to Gnome, have to configure Gnome my way, and... ARGH!

I officially HATE Fedora.


  1. Anonymous8:01 AM

    I'm using it now and it doesn't even feel like linux, i had to go through every menu to find a terminal for command prompt, oh and cdrdao wasn't installed by default, but at least gcc was there, i may have to go buy a sun machine to get work done

  2. Well, that terminal thingie... blame on Gnome. And to install stuff you don't need a compiler to instal cdrdao, you can just `yum install cdrdao` ...

  3. Anonymous12:02 PM

    If you don't know how to use a computer, please don't use it.

  4. Oh, but I do... They are the ones who do not know how to release a stable Linux distro.

  5. Anonymous12:13 AM

    I know what you mean. Fedora's boot loader sucks. I doubt it will ever be stable.

  6. i'd rather gentoo fluxbox

  7. Well, I'm more a fan of Debian myself...

  8. Anonymous4:06 PM

    Fedora realy sucks. After an update of Fedora 8 it hangs every time during startup. I don't know where these people have learn these technologies. Starting up services during boot comes into infinite loop. Now, the first thing i learned designing application is to check on infinite loops. These people loves it. Well, give me Microsoft. Better pay a couple of dollars than spend time on OS where people continiously hit you with unproffesional updates. Bah.

  9. No way: Fedora is way better than any Operating System from Microsoft. I criticize Fedora, but I have a better alternative. Windows is not an alternative, it sucks in every aspect, and some more.

  10. Anonymous4:41 PM

    I have never run a fedora without hanging problems. Windows never hangs but i prefer fedora only for my web applications, nothing more. I hope someday that they start verifying their updates first before offer them for download. I hope that redhat is more stable else not worth the money. Sorry, I tried to be a fedora fan but it literaly sucks although it is free.

  11. I'm also not a fedora fan. I also think that it sucks, and I also think they should be more carefull with the stability of their packages. BTW, I use Debian. Yet:
    1) Fedora is more stable than Windows;
    2) Fedora isn't the security hole that Windows is;
    3) Fedora has security updates when needed, not "one update per month" as windows;
    4) Fedora isn't crippled with DRM;
    5) Fedora doesn't treat their users as criminals;
    6) Fedora is cheaper than Windows;
    7) You don't have to give money to assholes when using Fedora, you do to use Windows;
    8) you don't need to have the latest and greatest hardware to have a speedy user experience in Fedora, you can't get a speedy used experience in Windows, even if with the latest and greatest hardware;
    9) Installing and mantaining software is a pain in Windows, as easy as "yum" on Fedora;
    10) I wrote this 10 items in less than a minute, I could write millions of them at this speed.

  12. Anonymous4:53 AM

    I am a newbie in the OS installation\use. I have used windows most of my life and I wasn't looking for a super "user-friendly" OS when I installed Fedora.

    But the truth is it sucked. I can't connect to my wireless router. I can't find the terminal application. It is really hard to navigate around and I am having some "failures" on startup.

    This is no way to attract newbies like me. I want something different than Windows, but come on! Make it friendly at least. I don't have to be an expert to use any OS.

    I still salute the Fedora builders for taking the time. Good luck to them in improving their product.

  13. Anonymous: If you're looking for a newbie-friendly Linux distribution, give Ubuntu a chance.

  14. Anonymous4:13 AM

    I did install Ubuntu afterwards and I am loving it. I don't think I am changing to anything else soon.

  15. For me, the best OS for desktop PC is Windows, and for the server is FreeBSD. Absolutely.

  16. donking: Windows is a joke, even for the desktop.

  17. Anonymous4:57 AM

    Fedora is bad. If you ever get the urge to switch to Windows, DON'T. You'll hear a lot of power users of Linux say "Ubuntu is bloated," but I'll tell you the truth. Ubuntu is still way less bloated than Windows. These power users don't like Ubuntu because it allows the user to do something in 3 clicks that it would take 5 command lines and a configuration file editing to do in other distros. The fact is, if your not running some crazy processor intensive app that requires you to cut out any and all amounts of processor usage, Ubuntu just works. I also had trouble in Fedora with yum. Every time i used yum, it had to download these sqlite databases which took 3 minutes even with the fast server stuff installed. Fedora just sucks.

  18. Anonymous12:48 AM

    I agree that Fedora sucks big donkey d's. I installed Fedora 9.0 released on August 4, 2008 and it crashed on first boot, it locked up and didn't find the dvd/cd drive, it crashed on cd disk 5, it failed to install the boot loader, and when it finally showed up with a GUI prompt, it crashed again!!!! This is the worst distribution of linux out there! It is injustice to the world of linux. I feel that Windows XP is a more stable system today and if you have to use something else stick with Redhat 9.1/9.2 and stay away from the worst operating system ever released, Fedora. Fedora plain and simply SUCKS!

  19. Anonymous6:22 AM

    i've never succeeded with fedora installation since version 6
    I completely agree with the previous post on:
    1. "This is the worst distribution of linux out there!"
    2. "I feel that Windows XP is a more stable system today"

  20. Please stop comming here to talk about Windows. Windows is the worst Operating System ever. Don't ever kid yourself into thinking that Fedora is more unstable than Windows (or worse in any other way), I would gladly use rawhide if that was the only alternative to Windows.

  21. Anonymous1:02 PM

    That's why I use Gentoo.

  22. Anonymous1:56 PM

    I guess Chinese people all hate fedora, as there isn't a single fedora mirror in China but plenty of debian's and ubuntu's.

  23. I had to install Fedora 9 three times in order to get what I wanted. The first time when I checked to add repositories, the dvd ejected and asked me to put disc 1 in. What the? I reinstalled to find out that Gnome was the only desktop installed. I tried to install KDE through synaptics; but there was an error--imagine that. I reinstalled again adding KDE. After that, it was slow, the file system is totally screwed up, and the network has the same old configuration it had 8 years ago! New bleeding edge technology?! Like hell! These guys are more than 5 years behind technology in Linux. Ubuntu has more than advanced to the future than Fedora. I spent nearly 7 hours on this sucky system and will NEVER go back to Fedora and will never use RedHat. NEVER! They just totally suck!!!

  24. Yeah, those guys are pretty bad supporting KDE, even worse than Kubuntu... (compare Ubuntu x.y and Kubuntu x.y one the same machine to see why I don't like how Ubuntu thinks KDE is for second-class users...).

  25. I agree. I wanted to try Kubuntu, but it isn't nearly as supported and configured as Ubuntu. I am a KDE fan. Ubuntu is the best choice for newbies, and even for business. I have Ubuntu on my wife's Dell and runs saaweeet! It recognizes all of the hardware, including wifi! Fedora? Good luck. It can barely boot right. Kubuntu is better than Fedora; but not as good as Ubuntu. I just loaded Mandriva One on my personal Laptop and love it. KDE rocks!

  26. Fedora 10 PPC is weird. Doesn't recognize my sound card on a default G4. To their credit Yaboot auto-detected my OS X install but I need a microscope to see the option on my screen and it disappears in under 2 seconds (is there a yaboot for the visually impaired option?). Seems Alsa's not a good enough sound system anymore so it's been replaced by one that doesn't work at all.

  27. Anonymous5:58 PM

    Fedora 8 was the first linux distribution I had tried and installed on my computer, and i was quite happy with it. After the upgrade to Fedora 9, it was slow and very glitchy. Then after upgrading to fedora 10 it worked...For awhile. They have no intergration to the NVIDIA driver (which I compiled) and now after an update the whole system doesnt even start, just prints a line where you type crap in. Im on Ubuntu now and it's way better than fedora. Just download the wallpaper theme and you will be fine. Better NM, better package manager BY FAR, and it includes restricted drivers, so they do the crap that you don't have to. They even do hardware testing, which is also very helpful to the community.

  28. Anonymous4:28 AM

    Fedora sucks horribly!!!!!! Use a better distro like Ubuntu or Knoppix. Anything is better than fedora, im speaking with 5 years experience on a variety of linux platforms

  29. I agree, fedora is quite bad. use any other distro. Don't believe me ? You'll see when you get into a problem with it.

  30. Anonymous4:48 PM

    yep fedora sucks.

    I'm still working with Fedora 10 (but not for long anymore).
    I started with Fedora 8. Damn those video-drivers.
    upgrade to Fedora 9, complete crash.
    Install Fedora 10.... Where the fuck is my "secure" logon window??? It wasn't even in Fedora 9 anymore!
    I hate the Windows home-edition style. I don't like to click a user and enter the password style...
    Fedora removed the posibility to choos your logon-window.... This for security reasons....
    What do they know about security????

  31. Anonymous10:22 PM

    1) Fedora is more stable than Windows;
    Nope. not even close
    It's definitely less efficient though(when Fedora actually works)

  32. Anonymous12:46 PM

    Hello Fedora Haters,

    I used Red Hat since its first release in 1994. Before & after that time, I used several Unix Variances (Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, HP-UX, DEC OSF/1 AXP (Tru64 UNIX), Novell UnixWare, SCO Unix, etc) at work. Therefore, I had my share of working with several different Unix-Based Operating System (OS).

    Fedora 9 was the only one I never used because I did not have time. From the complaints about Fedora 9, I do not feel bad that I never used it.

    I am using Fedora 10 (F10) now. It has several problems which make me yell out several words that I would not want my 10 year old daughter to hear.

    Since Red Hat 7, I always used Kickstart for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) & Fedora Installations. Fedora Kickstart keeps changing with new releases which is very annoying. Unless you need to use new features, RHEL Kickstart has remained the same for several years. RHEL Kickstart is good about with remaining backwards compatible.

    Dispute the many problems with Fedora since the introduction with Fedora Core 1, there are many Enhancements that were made in each new release which I really Like. Plus, the Fedora Folks have adopted Good Technology from Ubuntu and other Linux Distributions. For example, NetworkManager (NM) which is part of GNome.

    Many of the Fedora Issues are not only with the OS. The Applications cause several problems. Firefox, OpenOffice, NM and other applications crash or cause the X Windows Session to freeze.

    I ran into many issues with NetworkManager before Fedora 10. With F10, my Verizon Wireless UM150VW USB Modem works with NM. It requires no special modifications, and there are no problems. F10 & NM really makes the connection Plug-N-Play.

    Basically, Fedora 10 has many Problems I Hate. Plus, it has many Improvements I Love. I feel the same about CEntOS, Novell SuSe Linux Enterprise Server (SLES), Unbunto, Debian, Gentoo, Knoppix, and several other Linux Distributions (LD). Hmmm. To me, that sounds like life.

    I have been the happiest with RHEL. That is because I use it in Commercial Enterprise System Environments. The issue I have with RHEL is that it lacks new features that exist in Fedora and other Bleeding Edge LD. However, that is required to keep RHEL stable.

    I think that Novell dropped the ball with SLES. Novell has nice applications (GroupWise, iFolder, iManager, ZENWorks, etc) which are tied to SLES. Novell just missed the point. However, that is my opinion.

    I feel there is no Linux Distribution that is immune to problems. Someone will always find something they do not like about one or more LD. They all Suck in one way or another.

    The Cool Reality with LD is the Freedom to Choose. That is more than Macro$hit Lose (M$ Win ... M$ Windows), Apple Mac OS, Unix Variances and BSD Variances (FreeBSD, OpenBSD, etc). I worked with most of them.

    My concern is that the more Linux is modified to accomodate M$ Lose Characteristics, Linux will become more unstable. Linux is not M$ Windows. Plus, Linux will never replace M$ Lose. Hence, people who want M$ Windows functionality should just use M$ Lose.

    By the way, I am very impressed with M$ Windows Server 2008. However, I still do not like M$ Lose. I try to avoid using it as much as possible.

  33. Sorry, Fedora is better than Windows in any regards.

  34. Anonymous4:52 AM

    Fedora is better that windows what a joke. I can't even get the damn thing installed. It will not even look at the seven cd's I have burned.

  35. Anonymous: no, here the joke is you. Installing Fedora is downloading one CD, insert in your CD-ROM, turning the computer one and clicking in one icon.

  36. Anonymous4:21 AM

    When linux can play 80% of the games on the market mostly foccusing on new ones, it will beat windows... other then that enjoy your speedy computers that are handicapped due to your ignorance... not saying i hate linux, im a fan, i just hate the competition and elitests. windows games, linux is faster and free...

  37. Anonymous12:28 PM

    I absolutely hate Windows, but to be honest, at the moment, I'd rather be using my Windows 7 installation than Fedora 11. After happily using Ubuntu for a couple of years with no issues, I decided to try out the latest development release updates, which completely toasted my partition. I had a Fedora DVD lying around from a magazine, so I moved my /home to /, shrunk the partition and created a new Fedora partition. BIG MISTAKE. I have been plagued with non-stop problems that I never had from any other Linux distribution I've used (Ubuntu, PCLinuxOS, Puppy, DSL). In the past three days alone, I've had two kernel panics, countless Xorg crashes, keyboard issues, SELinux issues, repository issues, installation issues, dependency issues, wireless driver issues (I'm not sure if I should blame Fedora or Intel for this one) and GDM issues. Now tell me that's more stable than any other Linux distro, or even Microsoft Windows. Even while I'm typing this, my directional keys have just stopped working. I know this is nothing to do with exotic hardware or anything, as it all worked perfectly in other distros. The Fedora developers seems to have thrown every package modification straight into the stable update channel with very little testing. The thing that really plagues me is that with Fedora, once a package is screwed, it's screwed. There is no RPM reconfiguration tool (like DEB's dpkg-reconfigure) that I know of. Unless the next update has my laptop running downstairs to fetch me toast in the morning, I'm switching back to Ubuntu, or maybe even Solaris. Fedora sucks.

  38. fedorawtf9:05 AM

    I installed Fedora, yay, slept good that night. Woke up the next day and booted up to this shit:

    ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): eth0: linke is not ready

    Rebooted a couple more times to the same thing. What the fuck is this, and nothing reveals a fix. Anyone know of a legitimate fix? Fuck this shit.

  39. You have to just tick on auto connect automatically and fedora don't suck i mean i,ve had lot of troubles but i'd tell it's not for normal users especially who don't like digging around i might say it rocks!!!!!!!!