Jessica rants about the MMO's boom as I also did previously about Web 2.0 applications.

She is imprecise and misleading, tho. She says:

It effectively killed outside investment in online games in the US until Asia became recognized as a force in 2001-2002; note that the market went from over 35 MMOs in development in the US in 1994 to 4 in 1998 (that I know of), two of those being funded with ‘inventor’ money and sweat equity until they could demonstrate a working prototype. Of those 35, only 4 launched by 1998 and another 2 launched in 1999; the rest were drowned in various studio bathtubs.

That's completely wrong: you should take into consideration some stuff like the fact that Talkers and MUD's are also MMO's. And for those, I can proove you that only in 1998 more than 4 appeared!

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