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Seems that our friends at Sympathy For The Record Industry have some excelent news. To be released:

Staring To The Sun / City NoisE /
Wave Of Mutilation

SCARLING.’s latest attack to redefine noise and chaos within the context of their beautifully painful melodies is the first single from their latest full length release So Long, Scarecrow. “City Noise”, showcases the SCARLING. desperate, powerful and melancholy sound perfectly and is quickly becoming a trademark to throngs of the lost and lonely. Singer Jessicka’s perfected juxtaposition of sugar vocals and abrasive, yet welcomed outbursts have never collided better with the roaring guitars and pure wall-of-sound, creating a force to be reckoned with on this new release. This CD single also features a 2 brand new unreleased, non-album tracks entitled “Staring To The Sun” and a rather exciting cover of The Pixies "Wave Of Mutilation" making this a must have CD single for all scarred and non-scarred alike that is sure to leave you with a soundtrack to your next nervous breakdown. Original cover and back photos by Piper Ferguson.

sftri 771
Jack Off Jill
Clear Hearts Grey Flowers
LP only - edition of 2000

Although Jack Off Jill may never have topped the charts or headlined Madison Square Garden, their contribution to gothic-alt rock as well as the Grrl Band Revolution isn't any less important. Disbanding in 2000, they left their fans with their best album to date, "Clear Hearts Grey Flowers". At the time being closely linked with fellow Floridian Marilyn Manson did not necessarily help Jack Off Jill, as they were constantly being compared to Manson and his shock rock genre. The fact was Jack Off Jill had more in common with riot grrl acts such as Babes In Toyland and Hole, but because of the stigma that surrounded them, they found it difficult to gain acceptance from their female peers. After years of struggling with inner band turmoil and being lumped into date rape and nu-metal genres, Jack Off Jill begrudgingly released their second full length album, Clear Hearts Grey Flowers, produced by Chris Vrenna (Nine Inch Nails) and featuring an album cover painted by the art demi-God Mark Ryden. Never before released on vinyl. coloured vinyl Edition of 2000. psssssssssst: Lead singer, Jessicka can now be found fronting L.A.'s beloved and brilliant Scarling with many releases available on Sympathy.

When I am Queen
Fear of Dying
Nazi Halo
Strawberry Gashes
Author Unknown
Witch Hunt
Cinnamon Spider
Star No Star
Losing His Touch
Clear Hearts Grey Flowers
Love Song

sftri 772
Jack Off Jill
Humid Teenage Mediocrity (1992-1995)
cd - OUT IN May

Before the world was introduced to Marilyn Manson, before the world even knew what sweet dreams were made of, there was Ft. Lauderhell, the Spooky Kids, Jack Off Jill and a club called Squeeze, which would later become a headquarters and home away from home for both bands. There Manson became the great Oz to Jessicka's Dorothy. And Ft. Lauderdale their yellow brick road of sorts… A golden trail leading them out of humid hell and onto bigger and better things. Humid Teenage Mediocrity is a collections of recordings produced during that Golden Age. The now defunct Jack Off Jill hit the South Florida scene in 1992 and was hailed by critics as a "childrens puppet show meets the Exorcist" The band lasted eight years, with only Moulder and Fodera remaining through all its lineups. The Original [all-girl] line-up consisted of Jessicka: Vocals / Lyrics , Agent [robin] Moulder :bass , Michelle In-Hell [guitar] and Tenni Ah-Cha-Cha [drums]. Jack Off Jill played with a relentless fuck-all attitude and sound that could rarely be duplicated by its predecessors. Releasing Children 5 and Up, Cannibal Songbook and Cockroach Waltz and touring with riot girl legends L7, Babes In Toyland ,7 Year Bitch as well as Goth icons Switchblade Symphony and fellow Floridian shock rockers Marilyn Manson, Jack Off Jill’s live show was one to be seen. They commanded the stage ruling it as their own private playpen complete with dolls -candy - blood - and a plethora of toys for singer Jessicka to fashion into weapons in order to injure herself or her unsuspecting band mates. Jack off Jill took the stage taunting you to play their game and play it on their turf. This 25 track collection of songs from the Florida based punk goth legends was produced by Marilyn Manson . The album includes 13 previously unreleased tracks and 9 songs that went on to be re-recorded for the classic debut “sexless demons and scars”. Manson also supplys liner notes with a Jack off Jill history and guitar parts to “Swollen”. Essential for all JOJ and Marilyn Manson fans. Contains new artwork and 3 tracks not available on UK version


My Cat ('94)
Super Sadist
Spit and Rape
Yellow Brick Road ('94)
American Made
Boy Grinder
Bruises Are Back In Style
Cherry Scented
Chocolate Chicken
Confederate Fag
Don't Wake The Body ('95)
Everything's Brown
French Kiss The Elderly
Girl Scout
Working With Meat
My Cat ('95)


30 tracks by 30 bands featuring the female persuasion.

79 minutes of reverb-heavy rock, infectious pop, attitude-drenched punk assaults, a couple of countryish ballads, and various dreamy-sweet confections.

Artwork by Camille Rose Garcia. camillerosegarcia.com


1. DOWNBEAT 5 - radiates that charm
2. THE STUCK-UPS - anywhere but here
3. TINA & THE TOTAL BABES - tongue tied
4. A-LINES - four
5. THE FONDAS - yeah baby
6. THE BEARDS - my pillow
7. KIRBY GRIPS - washing machine
8. TUULI - tough guys
9. LISA MARR EXPERIMENT - little red bird
10. DETROIT COBRAS - bye bye baby
11. THE BRISTOLS - the way i feel about you
12. CANDYPANTS - nerdy boys
13. MR AIRPLANE MAN - lonesome road
14. MATSON JONES - a little bit of arson
15. THE EXCESSORIES - see in me
16. THE CHUBBIES - didjahavtasaythat ?
17. MISS DERRINGER - corpus christi
18. WANDA JACKSON - it happens every time
19. CHRISTA DeERYNN - sweet lies
20. KO & THE KNOCKOUTS - go-getter
21. SCARLING. - city noise
22. THE BANANA ERECTORS - you got that uh uh
23. 5,6,7,8’s - it’s rainy
24. THE COME ONS - dollar in my pocket
25. HOLLY GOLIGHTLY - won’t go out
26. THE MUFFS - everywhere i go
27. HELEN LOVE - debbie loves joey
28. REAL MINX - heather hotwheelz
29. LUDELLA BLACK - i’ve just seen a face
30. SUPERSNAZZ - our favorite thing

Well, seems it's time to find anyone wanting to order some stuff from SFTRI...

[UPDATE:] Seems that JoJo's usually order stuff from SFTRI, so I might buy the new stuff there when they have it in catalog, instead of ordering it on FNAC and pray. I don't order nothing from JoJo's for years (they weren't CDGO then), and I hope they're better than they were... Living in Europe has this kind of stuff...