Opening the Gates to the Celebritarian Corporation

The official Marilyn Manson website has been updated yet again. At this time, only the main Celebritarian Corporation splash/intro page appears. Recent revelations have suggested that the main website may be accessible upon opening a series of "gates" on the intro page.

First of all, please take into consideration the fact that this riddle is made in Macromedia Flash 8, which means that if you have a previous version of Flash, it won't work for you.

The gate keys discovered thus far are explained below:

Gate 1: Wait for all elements of the splash page to appear . Wait for the Hitchcock speech audio to conclude and the double cross to fade to a darker gray. When you roll over the double cross, down in the bottom corner, small numerals will go from IV to III. Lleft click once, and then press 1. hen you'll get a flash of the Manson Mickey Face with mouth open.

Gate 2: Wait a moment until the cross fades back to dark gray. Roll over it with your mouse cursor and a small 'V' will appear in the bottom of it. Left click once again, and press v on the keyboard. You should then get another flash and sound. Wait several moments and the cross will eventually turn red.

After the cross turns red, rolling over it will cause "IIV to III" appear again. Click the double cross once more and then press 0 (zero). The music will stop and the Guns, God, and Government "Olde Tyme" song with a speech by reverend Dr. J. Vernon McGee. Bjornwad has posted findings regarding the speech and McGee on an online community.

Disassembling the flash files, we can reach the conclusion that, for now, these are the only gates available to be opened, but that may be true only for now...

From now on, this issue and updates I intend to do on it won't be made here but on Room 404, the place where this kind of posts fits.. In the meantime, you can discuss the updates on the largest Marilyn Manson community online.