Salt, please

I'm not an Web 2.0 advocate, nor an Bubble 2.0 one. But I really think that these guys, from both parts, should take all this technologies with a BIG CHUNK OF SALT, please. You know why does it sucks to be 'web2.0'? Is that if you have the right ideas (innovative, user-centric ones) and the time and knowledge to implement them, the right way, you're still not an 'webbie'. And if you think that Web 2.0 is stupidly over-hyped, you're still not a 'bubbler'. You have to act as an advocate, you have to make part of the fight. Well, want to know?, fuck you, both parts. Yes, I'm code, I have innovative ideas (even not having the time to implement them), I think that I know something about the technologies involved, and I'm certainly aware of the development of what's happening. But then, I'm usually looking to this issues as an user, and despite all of you being talking about users and user-centric apps, I only see beautifull useless services, hard fights and discussions, and no innovation nor user-centric new apps. One example I often give talking about that is about the gazzillions of webapps that exist to manipulate RSS feeds in one way or another and the fact that, despite that, noone made such a simple thing as a 'blogger-like' service to let users create their own planets. Yes, it doesn't have that much of innovation - but who cares? I, as an user, don't want "a completely new idea", I just want to have a service that's useful for me, and that is something I can't get. Hopefully there are a couple of other ideas that I have as "something that I would love to use if existed" and that might see the light of day on a not-some-distant future (thanks to 'webbies', yes). But yet, please fight (or say) less and show us more pratical examples of what you think.

PS -> I have nothing against people that are webbies or bubblers. Both sides have people that I dislike and people that I admire (between those that I couldn't care less about and those who I tend to like). I just start being satured of this "hype me" and fighting attitudes that serves us nothing but to make people loose credebility of both parts. There's a real world out there, you know?