XTech - day 2 - part 4

Making Connections: Exploring new forms of semantic browsing

  • Devising a new model

  • Harpers Weekly Review

    • News archieve since 2000

    • Each event is tagged with date and keywords

    • Each tag is a link

    • But it lacks browsabillity...

  • Let's do something funny with this data...

    • In Flash (sucks :-P)

  • Tagging the news

    • Completely NEEDED

    • Tags have problems: "security fence" can be for ones what "Apartheid wall" is for others

  • Visualizing data

    • Visual display hard to combine with textual content

    • Interaction tools required to manipulate information

    • Apply appropriate limits to data text

    • picture == 1000 words

    • A visual taxonomy

      • Communicates ideas

      • Has consistent iconography

      • Imposes limits!

    • How to represent the data - A third dimension in Flatland

      • Isometric model, showing lime along z-axis

      • No geographical maps!

      • Icon sizes remain constant

      • Limit data transformation to time-based information

  • The query is the map!

    • Frame database query by manipulation visual elements

    • Distinguish between user input map and system output graph

    • TheyRule.net

  • Select and connect

This presentation has been somewhat boring... But the problem is probably mine, since the theme isn't that interesting to me... And this gal is COMPLETELY WRONG regarding to Flash.

In the end of XTech's day:

Wow, I'm quite tired! This was a really great day for conferences... I guess I'll now post this, and then find anyone to go for a walk on Amsterdam... And I can bet that today I'll get quite early at the Hotel ;-)