There are lot's of themes I wanted to blog about during this vacations, but sunce I've decided (and not regreted) to do a non-laptop week vacations (with was basicly the only thing about this I've planned), this is the only theme I'll do some blogging about, since I have pen and paper at hand.

It seems that the Portuguese "Texto Editora" is now "Texto Editores", and they've just released a two volumes Portuguese Language Dictionary. IMHO this kind of stuff should be reviewed by an extern entity before going into market, to avoid selling this garbage to the general population and liying to them. And this guys are doing it: they claim that a "sabbat" is a "witches meeting at midnight, presided by Satan" (although Satan is a concept that appeared with Christianity), "paganism" is "the ancient Greece politeist religion, and its practicers are called pagans", but then "pagan" is "someone who's not Christian". WTF? This just reminds me of a Black Adder's eppisode when someone defined "dog" as "not a cat"... Just that this isn't a definition but either a lie, and the real dictionary is just full of lies. Assholes.