News on the Web World

Today it's an interesting day:

Google finaly opened up info about their "Google Adsense API Beta", that let's you use Adsense to resell ads.
And then we have the news Yahoo! Video, that I think could be a lot better but that, undoubtly, is a killer of all it's competitors: Google Video, YourTube and stuff like that... Check it out.

On Google's new API: basicly if you have a site where you host users, you can, instead of puting in their pages ads for you profit only, you can give your users an adsense account without their mess to create it and do all the copy/paste stuff, they'll choose you instead of one competitor because they still have ads on their pages, but this time they're the ones getting the money from clicks, and you as a reseller earn a commission from your clients profits, and if one of your clients earn 100 USD in less than 3 months, then you'll earn 100 USD too!