Ning - create andshare your own social web apps!

At first, I was just thinking that sooner or later someone would do the web 2.0 app to create web 2.0 apps, and then I heard about Ning, that promissed to do it. Well, Ning sucked at the time, and, while I was keeping myself updated about their efforts, it wasn't until today that I considered it again.

Ning is a service for creating and sharing your own Social Web Apps, or websites. And they've just launched a ton of new social features:

A Cleaner, Sleeker Look for Ning Apps!
Now there are even more great App features wrapped up in a sleeker, more streamlined toolbar (or Ningbar, as we like to call it) across your favorite Apps.

Even Easier App Creation
Now, wherever you see the new Get Your Own! tab, you can create a new App right there. It's that easy!

Friends and Contacts
You told us you wanted easier ways to make new friends, meet interesting people, and manage your Address Book across Ning Apps. Now you can!

With the new and improved Ning, you can see everyone using a particular App and make any one of them your friend. You can also import your Address Book to quickly share with your current friends all the killer Apps you’re using. With these new features, now it’s almost too easy to be popular.

A Message Center
You can now drop a quick note to people you meet across Apps and pick up all your messages in one handy message center. Don’t worry, though, no one will ever see your real email address and you can always block people you don’t want to hear from.

App Search
You can now search an App from the top search bar on every page.

And so, I decided to try it again. I tried and the app started to crash, and then I've got a message showing they have a bug in production and are trying to catch it. I don't know how long it will take, but I know that I'm going to try Ning again and I still think that, while they're doing better, it will still suck. But rhen, maybe they'll proove me wrong...