More public info on goPlan, thumbs down

goPlan screenshotI've told you before about goPlan: a product from WeBreakStuff that will soon enter a private beta phase and that I'm beta-testing already - and preety excited about it. This is going to be one of those services I'll surely be using when it's out there, and I'll do it simply because I really believe my productivity will improove as soon as I start organizing my several projects (tech or not) using it.

Fred from WeBreakStuff just wrote a little more about goPlan: what it is, what are the things it tries to achieve, what's going on about the private beta, and a bunch of screenshots. Worth reading.

But then, in the comments, someone asks about it's business model - how it will be? Remember that I did the same question previously, and I believe that goPlan would kick ass if was supplied both as a service and a "packaged software" (which people can download and install in their own private servers or something like that). Unfortunately, and thumbs down on that, seems that those aren't their plans:

We’re still working on the way the application is going to enter the market. Initially Goplan was going to be open-source, but the point of the code rewrite was to build a packaged solution. We may still open certain parts of it, though.

Oh, well...