Connection Timeout - Vacations

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After almost one year of blogging and one year working here, I'll finally have some deserved vacations: three weeks far away, and one thumb rule: no computers involved. Yes, that means that I won't be blogging (damn, I refuse to go with my laptop on vacations!), but if you still want to read stuff like the things I blog about, I can probably replace your reading needs with Planet Noori (which, BTW, I'll be still reading, using my cellphone, so it's the most close to technology I'll be).

Besides resting, sleeping, resting and sleeping, and when I get tired of sleeping, I intend to get drunk and sleep. But for those in Portugal who intend to see me during this vacations, you still have my number: call me. After that much sleep and rest, I'll probably go to Coimbra and maybe Lamego. After that, I might go to the Caos Emergente 3 Black/Death/Grind Metal Festival in Oporto (1st and 2nd of September) and BarCamp Portugal (2nd and 3rd of September).

If you're wondering how can I be at the 2nd of September in Oporto and Coimbra - I don't know. If you're wonder how can I be at BarCamp and not use a computer, well, I don't plan on doing that. On BarCamp I'm not on vacations anymore - I might be blogging there :-)

Well... Have some nice vacations (if you're going to have some) and see you on September!