The Portuguese Big Brother arrives

According to "Diário de Notícias", a Portuguese journal, the Portuguese police is going to buy some equipment to monitor Internet communications, spending 500K € of Portuguese taxes money to implement a Portuguese Big Brother, that will let the police intercept e-mails, sniff conversations (like MSN ones) and others. This was already aprooved and there's no way back.

This also sniffs stuff like who's downloading what in P2P networks like emule or who's talking with who with programs like Skype.

So, fellow Portuguese people, it's time to use other ways of using the Internet, like encrypting your e-mails with PGP, downloading stuff from anonymous P2P networks like GNUnet or chatting in encrypted enviroments, like in the Portuguese talkers with SSL connections.

But the most important thing of all, we should try and fight legally to stop letting assholes like Alberto B. Costa to take such privacy-violating procedures without consideration about the Portuguese oppinion on such matters. Yes, that includes voting, something the Portuguese people unfortunately aren't used to do.