And the rant of the day

BloggerI was missing something: ranting. After this big vaactions I took, I spent a lot of time without saying bad stuff on stuff... It's a kind of an addiction, get it? I even retained myself of talking too much bad about Microsoft at BarCamp, can you imagine? So, I'm back, and since it's quite late I chose an easy-pick.

Now, imagine you have an application called "xpto". You have two versions of it: one is called "xpto beta" and the other only "xpto". What will you guess? Well, if you're not one of those belonging to the "MySpace generation", 10 year-ld kids that only saw "beta" in Web 2.0 apps, you can't miss this: "Xpto beta" was an almost-release yet-buggy version of Xpto, and then, when final and stable "Xpto" came.

What intrigues me is what the hell is happening in Google people's minds: Why, after having Blogger for years, WHY do we have NOW "Blogger Beta"? HELLO?