Am I getting too old?

Since I was having some troubles in Planet Noori for a couple of days now (as a matter of fact it's a Ning problem - is it just me or their services are getting worse?), I stayed late at my workplace, and after working I've changed some stuff there (I hope the problem is now solved, but I'm afraid not). It was preety late when I got out to dinner, and I was feeling like drinking some tea with the dinner, so I've decided to go to a Chinese Restaurant. That's right: maybe I'm getting too old, but despite my bad experience with a Chinese restaurant some months ago, when I said I would start avoiding those restaurants, this was my third time going to one! I chose to go because it was convenient for me (which isn't usual - I should do the less convenient thing and avoid Chinese Restaurants as I said I would do). I mean, they're open late, and they have chinese tea, which I really like. I was surprised with the bad job the waitress was doing. I mean, one think that I find irritant is that in Chinese restaurants we are usually (not in every one of them, but this one is the case) dealt with so quickly that you just feel it isn't natural, and that bores me. But this girl was taking too long, chatting with her friend instead of looking for her clients, and after waiting a lot of time to get the bill I had to stand up and take care of it (yeah, I'm not used to do that anymore - am I getting too old?). Before that, in the middle of my meal, I started to feel some nauseas, I jokingly though "I must have some weird drugs on my meal" but then dismissed the thought "naa, I'm just way too tired". Of course that after the bad service I wasn't thinking on leaving a tip, but then she surprised me by offering a Chinese calendar for the new year, so I left a tip (am I getting too old or what?). While walking home the nauseas and the druggy feeling came back. Now I'm not so positive that this is me being tired, and I'm back to the thought of food poison, not so uncommon on chinese restaurants, at least here in Lisbon... Now, I have a calendar that reminds me that I am a dog and that I have no place to put it, and a stomach and head ache that I hope will soon pass. I'm not really looking forward to have a night like my last chinese nightmare...

3am: Well, it seems that the dizzy feeling was nothing after all. But I still can't understand the Human Nature... After all I'm not that old.

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