TENHI’s “Airut-saga''


“Airut:aamujen” is the sequel of TENHI’s “Airut:ciwi” which was released in 2001. The piano driven “Airut:aamujen” was originally released in small limited edition thru their Utustudio in December 2004 under the name Harmaa. After signing it also to Prophecy they wanted to re-release it with the title TENHI and so bring the saga together.

Tenhi’s airut:saga is based on Tenhi members visions. The saga continues and explores further paths found in certain TENHI songs. The song ‘Kielo’ was the source of inspiration for the first two chapters. The third one “Airut:Savoie” will grow upon themes found in ‘Tuulenkaato’ and ‘Maa syttyy’ (Maaäet).

TENHI “Airut:aamujen” (the re-release) is out now, the track listing is as follows:
  • Saapuminen - Emerging
  • Seitsensarvi - Grey Shine Of June
  • Lävitseni Kaikkeen - Thru Me And Into Everything
  • Luopumisen Laulu - Eloign
  • Kuvajainen - Apparition
  • Oikea Sointi - Lay Down A Tune
  • Kahluu - Fury Revived
  • Hiensynty - Burning
  • Läheltä - A Brief Passing Moment

As you might have noticed by the picture, I've just got mine, and am pleasurely listening to it... I'm risking to say that this is my favourite Tenhi album... If you don't know Tenhi, you can listen to some of their tracks here.

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