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In January I talked about GoodSearch, a search engine that, if you use, per each click you are giving money to some charity entity of your choice. It's a preety damn idea - users do the same they did but in the process are helping good causes. I said "I'm off using Google Search", and I was... for three or four days. Why? Well, basicly because GoodSearch is Powered by Yahoo! Search, and, even having trying a damn lot, I came into conclusion that either Google Search is terribly better than Yahoo!'s search, or I'm completely addicted to Google Search ways of doing it's search and giving the results. I bet on the second. Anyway, I quit GoodSearch and was back to Google... Until today, where I heard about Ripple. To make a long story short, Ripple is basicly the same thing, but it is powered by Google and not by Yahoo!. So I've changed: it takes one second to click in a button and install Ripple search on your browser, and 30 seconds to change your default search engine from Google to Ripple. Awsome! Then I changed back to google. Why? Well, it seems that my search habbits changed this last couple of months. When I was trying to search for Ripple reviews I couldn't do what I'm now used to: search for "Ripple", click on "News", and then on "Blogs". Yes, Google offers more than Ripple as a search engine, for my needs. Yet, Ripple might be the perfect search engine for you.

A more extensive review on Ripple is here.


  1. Anonymous7:16 AM

    Unfortunately, Ripple does not earn any money from Google, nor do they currently donate any money per search.

    This is from the Ripple blog - http://blog.ripple.org/ …

    June 11th, 2007

    "Ripple Search has encountered a couple of issues and ads are no longer appearing on the Google search results page - unfortunately this means that ripple Search is not presently earning money for our charities."

  2. As of yesterday, looks like the search is back-up and generating ad revenue.

    "ripple search

    July 1st, 2007

    Just a short post to confirm that ripple search is now fully functional again and each search generates revenue to help fight poverty!"

  3. ripple search is back!!!!! (ripple click of course never went away)

    We had some problems with Google's TOS but (in consultation with Google Sydney) we have found a way to keep ripple search running.

    The revenue us now generated by a sponsored link underneath the search bar on the main page. We will be rolling out a new toolbar that generates revenue through a sponsored link in the next week or two.

    The only drawback is that repeat searches from the results page do not generate revenue.