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In January I talked about GoodSearch, a search engine that, if you use, per each click you are giving money to some charity entity of your choice. It's a preety damn idea - users do the same they did but in the process are helping good causes. I said "I'm off using Google Search", and I was... for three or four days. Why? Well, basicly because GoodSearch is Powered by Yahoo! Search, and, even having trying a damn lot, I came into conclusion that either Google Search is terribly better than Yahoo!'s search, or I'm completely addicted to Google Search ways of doing it's search and giving the results. I bet on the second. Anyway, I quit GoodSearch and was back to Google... Until today, where I heard about Ripple. To make a long story short, Ripple is basicly the same thing, but it is powered by Google and not by Yahoo!. So I've changed: it takes one second to click in a button and install Ripple search on your browser, and 30 seconds to change your default search engine from Google to Ripple. Awsome! Then I changed back to google. Why? Well, it seems that my search habbits changed this last couple of months. When I was trying to search for Ripple reviews I couldn't do what I'm now used to: search for "Ripple", click on "News", and then on "Blogs". Yes, Google offers more than Ripple as a search engine, for my needs. Yet, Ripple might be the perfect search engine for you.

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