today I'm sick, tomorrow I'll be okay

I hate being sick. I was supposed to be in Lisbon, working, last monday, but I was sick (tonsilitis) from the friday before that, and I'm still am. I've been with fever continuously for four or five days, visited the supposedly best Hospital from Portugal (I hope it's not, really, with the stuff I've seen there in the more than 5 hours I was there just to get an antibiotics prescription) and then one Health Center. The rest of the time was spent at home, in the bed. I couldn't even read or listen to music, 'cause my head automaticly started threatning of exploding. But what I hate the most of being sick is not doing stuff I really wanted to... Like, for instance, this gig, that is in Lisbon tonight and tomorrow is going to be in Coimbra... An unique experience, that I'll be missing while being in bed:

Danny Cavanagh in Portugal (flyer)

Duncan Peterson, ex-Anathema, ex-Antimatter, from Íon, is going to be with Danny, at least in the autograph session! :-(

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