Bill Gates

Disliking Microsoft for years, I heard countless times sentences like "you might not like Microsoft, but you'll have to admit that Bill Gates is a genious". I don't agree. As a matter of fact, I wholeheartedly disagree. Usually, my reply is something like "I don't think Bill Gates is a genious, I think he's an asshole". Hey - it's my oppinion and its worth what is worth, but I really think he is an asshole. And more.

Reading a Portuguese newspaper, there was an article about Bill Gates, with three quotes from him. Two of them just support my oppinion. Let me show you...

Bill Gates, the asshole:

«If you can't do it good, at least do it looking good»

Bill Gates, the lunatic:

«There are people that dislike capitalism and there are people that don't like PC's. But there's no one that likes PC's and that don't like Microsoft»

(Sentences were in Portuguese, translation to English by me, so these might not be ipsis verbis. Also, emphasis mine.)

Now, if you know something about computers, you see the obvious flaws of this sentences.

Worse than putting some piece of bad software on the streets, if decieving your costumers by lieing and telling that piece of crap is not only good, but awsome. This is common practice of Microsoft, and one of the most criticised things on them. Which leads me to the second sentence: not only I myself like PC's and abhor Microsoft, but also I'm not alone, far from it. Try, for instance, go to a search engine (one that isn't owned by Microsoft, please) and search for "Microsoft sucks".


  1. Em Português:
    Bem vindo de novo aos posts. :)

    In English:
    Same opinion about Bill Gates and Microsoft here.

  2. Thanks, I never really stopped posting, I've just been too busy to write about all the stuff I want, with the length I want... And a post like this, that doesn't take any time to write and post, ends up here while those "important" ones don't... Let's see how things will happen in the next weeks ;-)

  3. Nuno Saraiva8:06 PM

    The second sentece is strange...

    Is he joking, despising or blind?

  4. The journalist interpretation was clearly the one that - knowing what we know - can only be considering "blind". I don't put aside the "despising" option, tho.

  5. Hey! Have you seen the movie "The Pirate's of Silicon Valley" ? Tells the history of Apple and Microsoft

    It's not a good movie but it's really fun to watch..

    Steve jobs portraited as a hippy and Bill Gates as...well, to say the least: opportunist.

  6. Fully agree, remembers me of this:

  7. Makuma, I don't really recall if I've seen it already or not (where's a Last.fm for movies, hey?), but I saw several movies of that kind, so I might have seen that...