What would be better than Blogger

Well, now that I'm into this Blogging thing, and because I think the new Google Reader has a lot to be worked upon, including turning itself into a public static page, I had this idea of what would be better than Blogger: Yawner.

With all this Planet things, that I find really useful, I still feel that's boring that I have to visit lot's of sites to keep me up updated. So, what would be the solution? Set-up a Yawns Planet myself, that would feed itself from the planets, blogs, news sites and everything feedable I read. It would also have to be fed by my own blog (that could be a secondary page and not my home page, that would start being my Planet).

It's easy, so why won't I do it? Well, if I didn't set'd up my blog by myself it's because I don't really want to spend the time needed to do it, and I don't have my own publicly available allways-online machine to host it. The same reason I thought of hosting this page at Blogger is that same that leads me to thinking that Google or anyone else could do a "Yawner": a service similar to Blogger, but to provide Planets and not Blogs. An Yawner could also supply itself a blog, which would be perfect.

The only issue I can find to this idea is that recursive feeds could be setted up. That could be painlessly solved by simply ckeck all Permalinks and make sure that no dup'ed permalink appears.

Any thoughts on why this might be a bad idea, since I don't find any?

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