This saturday is Software Freedom Day!

Celebrate SFD with us on September 17!
409 events spread in 84 different countries, Software Freedom Day 2011 is approaching!

Join a local SFD team - Is there a SFD event nearby?

Software Freedom Day is an event with hundreds of teams from all around the world running local events to help their communities understand Software Freedom. One way of joining SFD is to join an existing SFD event. Check to see if there is already a team registered in your area. If there is one, you can always join them and help them to make their events successful. It's FUN to join SFD!

Helps are always in need to organize SFD :) you can help to design marketing materials, spread the words out, decorate the venue, take photos, demonstrate or present about Free Software in the event, etc. Feel free to check out the team map to find the SFD team in your local area!

As usual, ANSOL is organizing the event in Portugal, this time in Lisbon. Here's the schedule for the day's events (sorry, only in Portuguese):

What are you waiting for? Check out where's the nearest place to you where a celebration is happening, and join the free software community to celebrate or to know a little more about what's all this about!