Oracle with free version

So, it seems that Oracle has now a free version of their database. Even with limitations, this seems to be real good news.

The limitations are:

  • 4GB of data

  • 1GB of RAM

  • only one processor per server

  • support is offered by way of an online forum for users

Let's see what will this mean in the marketshare with other free databases...

Macromedia can Kiss My Ass (TM)

Macromedia can Kiss My Ass (TM), and RTFM before trying to add PDF exportation to their products.

How does this fit with Macromedia's aquisition by Adobe?

GNUnet: 20.000 sentences translated in 28 months

The user-contributed translations of the GNUnet (and libextractor) webpages have just surpassed 20.000 sentences. The ability for users to provide translations was first added on June 5th 2003. Thanks to everyone who is or has been contributing!


It's Samhain time, and I wish you a good one...


Whishlist update

As you can see, I've updated my wishlist: yesterday I bought Marilyn Manson's unauthorized biography DVD I wanted, and WOW, it is great. It's good to have an updated biography of him, specially an imparcial one as this is. Of course I would prefer if it was an Official biography, since it wouldn't have the mistakes one can find in this one... But it is great - just great.

So, I needed to update my wishlist, and as I was forward to do so, I've found that three days ago Saw 2's SoundTrack has been released... with a cover of Marilyn Manson's "Irresponsible Hate Anthem”. So, yes, that's my new 1st item in the wishlist...




Colaborative Editing

MJ Ray: if you think that emacs does the same (colaborative editing related) as editors like Gobby... You're sick.

Is it the 1st of April?

What kind of joke is this?


A good way to end

I've managed to end two OSS projects I had, and I'm really relieved about it. Both of them had better alternatives, both of them were co-maintained by someone who had less time for it that I do, and both of them had problems in their latest release. So, today Bonnie Suite and C-Abacus ended, but in a good way. Now I'll have more time to spend on my other projects, that are still too many...

MySQL 5.0: wow

The release description of MySQL 5.0 showed that it is supposedly a great improvement, and I was kinda excited with it. But - wow - yesterday it was added support for this latest version to GNUnet (only in the SVN version yet) and - damn! - content insertion in MySQL 5.0 is somewhat like SIX TIMES FASTER than on MySQL 4.1...



Bonnie Suite

Two years after it should be done, Bonnie Suite finally has a web page. The problem is that there's still too much work to be done on it, Hellraiser doesn't touch it since 2003 and I don't really know if I want to do it. So, I've sent an e-mail to him to know if the project is still meant to continue. If he wants to, there's at least an 1.1 bug-fix release to be done, if he doesn't (and I more or less hope that that's the case), we'll use that website to recommend people to use Bonnie++ Experimental. Yeah, it has "Experimental" in it's name, and still is more usable than Bonnie Suite 1.0 as it is.

Bench++ for Linux CVS Repository

I've created a CVS Repository for my Bench++ for Linux project.


I... need... music...

As you can notice, my "Top 10 WishList" has slightly changed: I heard the first track of John 5's new album and, damn, it just rocks. Nothing like "Vertigo", which I completely dislike. And it seems that Mindless Self Indulgence just threw out a new CD: I didn't heard it but I know I want it...

Since I'm living in Lisbon I didn't heard news about my usual music supplier: he still mails me with newsletters and such, but isn't replying to my e-mails and orders. I'm getting quite frustrated about this: having tons of music ordered to him, if I have to change from supplier I have no way to get a list of all the things I have ordered... :-(

My portable CD player started reading bad my CD's some days ago, so I guess I'll have to buy another sooner or later... But, for now, I really feel in need of new music.



One year after Catarina's death on a crash accident, my heart still hurts so painfully thinking about Her that it's hard to do anything out of my life. I miss Her.

When I first knew of Catarina's death I simply couldn't believe it. Then, I couldn't believe. Then, I couldn't cry. Then, I couldn't stop crying. Hours later my body started to calm down, only my head, my mind and my heart were aching. Seems that after an year the pain isn't gone, and I suppose it will never be.

Sorry to disappoint you Catarina.
I miss You.


Top 10 Wishlist

As you can see in the right bar, I now have a Top 10 Wishlist published on this site.

This "wishlist" isn't something like "I want you to buy me this" (even if I would be greatly appreciated if you did so ;-)) but more like a way to manage myself with my priorities and the things I want to buy.



For the first time, two days after I have this blog, I felt the pain of spam@blogger. I really hate moderated comments, but maybe I'll have to change to that if this continues...

Re: Breezy Badger

Jaldhar: Excusing Debian by saying that "that is more to do with having a newer kernel" isn't good enough: if Debian's stable kernel is an older version than Ubuntu's stable kernel, it's not kernel's fault, it's Debian fault.

Maybe the Debian way of building kernel packages needs to be more agile, don't you think?


One more reason to use Gaim...

Google hired Gaim's main developer to add features on Gaim...

Good news for Merankorii?

I hadn't read it as extensively as I should, but I think that this is possibly good news for Merankorii...

[EDIT:] Damn, it seems not. I thought at the first glance that this would put an end of the Portuguese monopoly that SPA has... :-(

How Planets can help Open Source

If you still doubted that Planets can help the Open Source world, look at this post. To understand the meme thing, you must read Planet Debian...

Final tweak to my site

I just did the final (I hope) tweak to this site: I don't have a static page with my software and papers anymore: instead, I have the links on the easy-configurable right bar. Damn, I just remembered about the last tweak I have to do: put my picture up there. Shortly done.

What would be better than Blogger

Well, now that I'm into this Blogging thing, and because I think the new Google Reader has a lot to be worked upon, including turning itself into a public static page, I had this idea of what would be better than Blogger: Yawner.

With all this Planet things, that I find really useful, I still feel that's boring that I have to visit lot's of sites to keep me up updated. So, what would be the solution? Set-up a Yawns Planet myself, that would feed itself from the planets, blogs, news sites and everything feedable I read. It would also have to be fed by my own blog (that could be a secondary page and not my home page, that would start being my Planet).

It's easy, so why won't I do it? Well, if I didn't set'd up my blog by myself it's because I don't really want to spend the time needed to do it, and I don't have my own publicly available allways-online machine to host it. The same reason I thought of hosting this page at Blogger is that same that leads me to thinking that Google or anyone else could do a "Yawner": a service similar to Blogger, but to provide Planets and not Blogs. An Yawner could also supply itself a blog, which would be perfect.

The only issue I can find to this idea is that recursive feeds could be setted up. That could be painlessly solved by simply ckeck all Permalinks and make sure that no dup'ed permalink appears.

Any thoughts on why this might be a bad idea, since I don't find any?

Debian vs. Ubuntu

For those wondering why do I think that Official Debian packages are way better than Ubuntu or non-official ones, you might find this post interesting.


On planets

Wow, seems that the creation of planets as blog/rss aggregators is the new trend... And Debian has, now, it's third planet.

Welcome me to the blogging world

It's not a question of blogging, but a question of making it easy to maintain my website. So, from now on, my site is over and, instead of it, I have a blog. I hope I won't regret this...