Wicca IS NOT Satanism

Hey, fuckers, when will you start doing your fucking damned job as journalists and learn about the stuff you're going to write about before actually publish an article?

I hate that on journalism. Carl Jones, editor of Law.com, wrote:

The lower appellate court opinion reveals the Wiccan group was exempted from paying sales tax on copies of the Bible and Quran, but forced to pay sales tax on the Satanic Bible and the Witches Bible.

How sare you to write an article with "Wiccan" on the title without even knowing that Wicca HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH Satanism or the Satanic Bible?



  1. Anonymous8:09 PM

    its true...it doesnt. wicca is misundestood, just like alot of neo-pagan beliefs and religions. people are so quick to assume that druidry, wicca, ovates etc....are all satanic. well guess what....its NOT! we dont even believe in the devil, the symbol for wicca "the pentacle" has been mis-used and mistaken for the pentagram, a satanism symbol, the pentagram is an unside down pentacle, just like anti-jesus believers disrespect the cross by putting it upside down, each faith has its non-believers and anti-rebellions.

  2. Anonymous1:43 AM

    hey you all hes right wicca is peaceful not satanic i am wiccan and we have nothing to do with satan!!!!

    thank you