From the Vaults

Seems that "Devil Stone Music" decided to make a re-edition of Marilyn Manson's "From the Vaults" CD. I have a CD called "Genesis Of The Devil" and, guess what, it's exactly the same CD, with different name and covers. So, why will I buy it? Check the link I gave you about "Genesis Of The Devil", where they say:

This CD should be avoided by anyone other than collectors.
Well, I think that having 59 Audio CD's of Marilyn Manson makes me officialy a collector, but that's not why I've just ordered "From the Vaults": in fact, from all the Nightingale/Eastworld Marilyn Manson Bootlegs, G.O.T.D. is the only one I didn't manage to get an original. All those tracks I have in original, but the last one. So, buying F.T.V. will make my G.O.T.D. a legal copy.

Sum up: My wishlist has been updated.

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