Larry Page's CES Keynote on Google

Here's the video of Google's Larry Page's CES Keynote from January 2006 at the Las Vegas Hilton to a packed and enthusiastic auditorium. Arguably one of the bext CES keynotes in recent years.

Larry rides out in the car that won the DARPA challenge, Talks about the Google Video, the Google Video Store, a CBS content Partnership, Negroponte's 100 dollar Laptop, Google Pack, Google Earth and his company's plan for the future. A press embargo forced us to omit the parts (including a Q&A) with special guest Robin Williams.

Page, although semi-monotone, delivers an unassuming and earnest keynote to the delight of the crowd.

If you're reading this from a Planet or from my RSS feed, then you're not seeing the video, but you can see or download it here. You'll need a flash plugin.