X.Org on Fedora

Users of Fedora think that I'm wrong when I say that I can't get a X.Org uptime of more than 14 days. Well, if you really want the truth, I said I never managed to get an X.Org uptime of more than 14 days on Fedora, which doesn't really mean that it isn't achievable. Furthermore, the reason might be related to the fact that Fedora isn't made to work with the things you can install, but it is made to work with Gnome as a Desktop Enviroment and Firefox as a browser (among other things). That is one of the things that I criticize, and I think that can be the cause of my problems with X.Org on Fedora. Anyway, as I write this my Fedora system is completely unstable, slow and crashy. But...

[root@noori ~]# ps x|grep X11R6|cut -b21-27
[root@noori ~]# echo "384/24" | bc
[root@noori ~]#

So, I've managed to have X.Org running on Fedora during 16 days, congratulations. Since the thing which is consuming more memory (and this instability is being caused by memory problems, no doubt) is Mozilla, I'll restart it, but I doubt that I'll get an uptime to X much bigger than it is by now...

More or less two minutes after posting this my computer was unusable. In those two minutes I couldn't close Mozilla (because of slowlyness). So I took more than half an hour to switch to console, log in as root, get mozilla PID's and kill -9 them. Yes, I'm managing to get my way with X.Org's uptime, but this sucks. Really.

[EDIT 2:]
Restarted KDE to kill all processes running under gdm. It sucks, but that was the only change of getting a functional workspace without restarting X.Org.