Seems that Yottabyte is giving one Yottabyte of mail, in a services somewhat simillar to Google's GMail. Of course that the mail space Gmail gives is enough, and until now only one person reached their limit, so, why do GMail users should swap to Yottabyte Mail? Well, I'm not a GMail user (and I don't want to be), but I can't understand why GMail doesn't accept e-mails with more than 5 Mb, which sucks, at least for me, since I swap via HTTP some files and give the URL's via e-mail with Mordor's guitarrist because of that limitation. Like this, I'm sure that I'll find other people to whom I can't send what I would otherwise, and others probably feel the same. Yottabyte e-mail has an 1GB attachment limit (due to a limit of the system, for which they feel sorry!). So, yes, I think that GMail users should swap to this new service, that is in a "subscription with an invitation-only period" like GMail once was.