KDE 3.5.2 Released

Today, the KDE Project announces the release of the K Desktop Environment 3.5.2. This second update release in the KDE 3.5 series brings an improved user experience and stability by focusing exclusively on translations and bug fixes. See the Changelog for the major changes while the info page lists the ways to download with packages currently available for Arch Linux, Kubuntu, Pardus, Red Hat and SuSE. Kubuntu have made a live CD featuring KDE 3.5.2.

Some highlights of the fixes and improvements:

  • Numerous updates to the KHTML engine used by KDE and Konqueror. Javascript handling is improved and now works with phpBB and certain wikis. Konqueror no longer shows scrollbars in the Acid2 test, making it the second browser to pass.
  • Improvements in clipboard handling through the use of the XFixes extension
  • Lots of changes to the website editor Quanta Plus

The translation teams have managed to make this release the best translated KDE release ever. KDE 3.5.2 is available in more than 60 languages and dialects, outperforming all other desktops, including several commercial offerings.

For ongoing work on future versions of KDE 3.5, the feature freeze has recently been weakened, allowing minor and well-tested new features to go into the 3.5 branch and thus be released with the next KDE 3.5 update.

The next major release will be KDE 4. A tech-preview for KDE 4 is preliminarily scheduled for the 10th anniversary of KDE in October this year.