Finally, a SF alternative

Many of you know that I had some problems in the past with SourceForge members, policies and masses culture. More important than that, many of you know that SourceForge isn't quite the thing you want/need to your project, but you can't find a decent alternative. Well, that can be changing now.

TuxFamily.org has just launched its new web site. It now supports English, Spanish and, of course, french.

For whose who don't know TuxFamily yet, it's a non-profit organization aiming to provide hosting services for free software projects. It's like SourceForge somehow, except that they don't use gforce but vhffs, their own hosting system. The main difference is that we don't provide a lot of pre-installed tools like bug tracking system, release publishing infrastructure, forums, etc.. They "only" give web spaces (with PHP support), MySQL or PostgreSQL databases, Subversion and/or CVS repositories, DNS servers hosting, mail hosting, mailing-lists, etc. For free, and for all projects which are free as in free speech. And not only free software projects, they also host some free art stuffs. For example, we host the prism54 project.

I'm quite convinced by them, and I guess that my next OSS project (whatever it might be) will be hosted there. Why don't you also give it a try?