Marilyn Manson's site update

Again. After the sounds we've been given in Marilyn Manson's new website at the 21st of April (no, it wasn't at the 20th as I said previously), the sound just changed, like... now or during this afternoon (consider Portuguese time, please). The length is the same (2:41) and the filesize almost equal, but the contents differ.

First of all, the voice that starts at 0:20 till 0:31 is much louder than before. Also, another voice starts in the left channel at 0:31. Both voices sound like wartime radio command/orders/chatter.

More radio chatter at 0:51 and 1:07. you can tell by the characteristic static that you hear in walkie-talkies and radios when you press the talk button.

The radio voices seem to be in a different language, anyone have a clue as to which it is?

Distorted shouts and screams at 1:45.

The rest is the same pretty much, the same distorted voice at 2:02, and the higher pitch dist version of the "Perhaps i should mention..." speech at the very end.