Four alcohol abusive sleep depravational days vacations are comming to an end. Hangovers apart, this made me extremely well, specially because gladly I'm someone with true friends. No regrets, just a feeling that I'll need a lot of sleep in the days to come. Some work on Merankorii was done, and I feel Melencolia III is about to become. But I'll speak more about that in the propper place at the propper time.
For now, a great hug for those fabulous people at Lamego I was with. And off to bed.


  • CP's firewall is nazi.

  • CP still sucks. This time the train was only one hour late.

  • It's the 25th of April, an historical date in Portugal. We then achieved Freedom (not as much as we should have, but yet), but we should work on the Responsability that should had come with Freedom.