Being at XTech

Before everything said, the proceedings for XTech 2006 are now online.

This isn't yet a post about XTech itself (and it's presentations), but about being here. Since I finally found out where the
power outlets are (yeah, I'm stupid), I have enough battery to write about stuff like that... Until now it is being amazing to know so many interesting people, and the presentations are being good. At lunch time, before going to my new hotel to check-in and leave my luggage, I met Donna, a really nice girl from Australia that is going to give the ODF presentation I said previously I want to attend to, tomorrow. I'll tell you again that you should be checking Planet Noori to be updated about this conference between other things, since it is aggregating more stuff than Planet XTech does. The wireless connection is still sucking heavilly (my wireless setup doesn't help much), and there are being some technical issues that are making the presentation "XML, REST, and SOAP at Yahoo" being late, so I guess I'll take this time to organize the notes I've been taking during the day...