XTech - day 2 - part 1

Instead of a compilation, as I did yesterday, tomorrow I'll just write in here. If I get a way to post one part online, I'll turn this "day 2" into a set of several parts.

Good Morning:

The problem of being in an hotel near from Amsterdam, but not in it, is that it takes ages to get a cab in the morning... I didn't thought of that :-(

Ignorance is not a defense

The cab didn't arrive on time for me to catch this...

An open (data) can of worms

If Open Data is so good, why aren't more examples?

The technology and standards need to be better? They're good enough...

Does Open Data (open API's) give benneficts to a company? Most companies don't understand what API's are, and don't understand why would they give data when they're selling it... Take RSS feeds for exemple: there are advantages in having the RSS feed available, but it's not that easy to show it to business man... But opening an API isn't only about giving what can be selled. Having an Open API costs money. What can be done? He doesn't know :-P

If you want to create an open API, please:

  • Be aware of the problems
  • Demonstrate usefulness
  • Don't assume it's a technology probem
  • Target the right people
  • Talk about the benneficts to the provider, not the consumer
  • Have patience