Back from Vacations

(It's Sunday night when I'm writing this, although it will only be online Monday).

I'm too tired to write much, but I'm here to say that my vacations are now over. If you consider the fact that unplanned vacations tend to suck some, then my vacations were really good.

I started by going to Coimbra on Saturday, met with some people I didn't see for quite a while, and on Sunday I went to a wine workshop (or whatever those things are called, I just went there to drink, so...). Had two more days in Coimbra where I was just drinking way to much, and sleeping less than I should - the usual.

Tuesday night I was with WeBreakStuff guys, and ended the night with one of them (an old friend of mine), just drinking and talking. He showed me SiteBlimp, an Web 2.0 app they've made for ACS and that supposedly is already done, so I guess it will be online and public soon. I really liked it - even if I'm not going to be a user - it's the application I was going to undoubtedly use if I was into publicizing a site on the web. The other application he showed me left me way more excited: the so-much talked goPlan. They're still developing it and there's lot of stuff they still have to implement, fix or refine. But it is undoubtedly a tool that I miss, and the one I'm going to use to manage my Open Source projects as soon as it is online, and I'll gladly be a beta user as soon as they're up to it.

Wednesday I went to Lamego, where I stayed until today. Once again, I've drank too much, slept less than I should, talked with old friends I wasn't with for a long time, and did some work on Merankorii. Against my expectations the recordings for Merankorii's next album aren't over yet, but I'm quite confident that they'll be during this week. Yesterday SpellBound, my old-time friend and Mordor's bass player, had one more birthday, so It's useless to add anything else on that, and that will explain why I'm so tired today.

In the morning I went to Aveiro, where I had lunch with my older sister. Now, I'm back to Lisbon and back to work...