Control Arms

Against all odds, I've signed the Control Arms petition, and ask you to consider doing the same.

Now, "against all odds" because, as the people who know me well know, I'm almost fighting for freedom and liberty. That includes freedom of choice. Yeah, people also know that I'm not only against wars and uncontroled guns but against all wars and all guns, but still, it is usually my position that it is the choice of each individual (represented or not by a state or country, that regulates or not the use of guns) to take a position on the issue, and that he/it (individual/representative) must have the freedom to think for their own and take their own position in the issue, in this case arms.

But after reading well all the Control Arms proprosals, the only thing I saw is that this is an attempt that, if succeded, will make countries think, above all, about the issues related to the use of guns, and that's really what's important.

If you think countries should be convinced to think about gun control, please sign it too.