RedHat madness

Please, tell me that this whole thread is a big messy joke. Or else, please admit that RedHat people are completely out of their mind. A bug on rpm is reported at 2004-03-25, the package maintainer is an asshole that isn't capable to admit that it is a bug because it will give him lot's of work (if he doesn't want the work fine, but saying it is not a bug it's a whole different question), a whole flamewar discussing how is this a bug or not (of course it is!) occurs until 2006-02-09, when finaly... the owner of the ticket changes. Nothing happens until upstream solves the issue by himself, at 2006-02-20, and so the ticket is closed as being solved. This guys are crazy. Yes, the issue is solved in rpm-4.4.5, and Fedora Core 6 (rawhide) is still at rpm-4.4.2. Are you JOKING on your users? Man, upstream has the issue solved, but Fedora Core (the OS where the bug was reported) has the bug!

This bug was reported to be happening on Fedora Core, and since that still happens in Fedora Core, the bug shouldn't be closed as it is.

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