Spanish madness II: on p2p

I've told you yesterday that the Spanish government aprooved a law that makes all blank media to include in their prices a tax for copyright issues. Today more news about that tell us that the case is much worse (yeah, it seems it can be): that law also makes a civil offense even to download content for personal use using p2p networks.

Making laws has allways been difficult in history, since it used to be about punishing the bad and/or evil, even if it's hard to see the difference in some cases on what's good and what's bad, what's good and what's evil, what's right and what's wrong. But nowadays we have a much bigger problem: we're seeing assholes aprooving laws like this one, where you want to punish "evil", even if to achieve it you have to punish anyone. I'm glad I don't live in Spain, because with this, they have no freedom to play WoW (which updates itself via p2p), nor download the latest ISO of their Linux distribution of choice (which are usually distributed via bittorrent), they have no freedom to use p2p to make thier life (and others) better, just because that technology can be used for wrong purposes. I wonder when will it be illegal to own a knife.

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