Trobar de Morte + Ashram = Gig of the year

I told you that I hoped this to be the gig of the year for me, and now I have to say that I'm most convinced that it will be. I mean, the year isn't even near it's end, but knowing which bands are doing what, which bands are giging or going to do it et al, I don't really believe that there will be a better one during 2006. Which is fine - this gig was just brilliant.

I didn't know Trobar de Morte, and they really surprised me with a very professional clear neo-folk music, and the only thing I can point out negativelly is that they don't have that much presence on stage: seems to me that they aren't used to gig'ing. But they were good enough for me to buy their newest album after their performance, so you can see it was good!

In the end, I gave 30€ for 3 CD's, which was a quite nice business, and then, off to Ashram.

The Ashram gig was just... awsome. The public just vibrated with them, and they were very communicative and receptive with such a feedback - which I can tell they weren't hoping to get - and so they had to do several encores to the final of it since we wouldn't shut up and let them go :-P

I took some pictures and did some videos with my cellphone. I know that they suck, but still I want to put it online when I have time to, specially since I found none of them online yet, even if there were lot's of people taking pictures and movies of it.

I know that at least a couple taped the whole Ashram's gig (until their tape was over). If you know anything about it, please contact me: I really want a copy of that.