AOL can go to Hell

AOHellI quite often recall of a 'hacker group' that released a music CD with a funny song called "AOL can go to Hell". If you search about "AOL can go to Hell" on the web, like in their search engine, you'll see that they were not the only ones thinking that AOL sucks badly. If you search in their images search for AOHell you'll also find some funny stuff, like the image I'm using in this blog post.

What you wouldn't except (would you?) is that they would expose how much they don't care about their users and that they don't know what the word 'privacy' means, and this in the form of having publicly available information of all their users' search habbits online. Yes, that includes what kind of porn you prefer.

I could write more about this, but more than my usual 'AOL sucks' and stuff ;-) I'll just point you to some people who wrote about this stuff:

You should sick about this thing for now, so take this on a try to persuade yourself of trashing on all those megs of private info...