Today is BlogDay, an yearly event where bloggers point out 5 other blogs that they find relevant.

So, here are my not-so-humble recommendations for 2006:

  • Merankorii - This blog is also the website of my Dark Ambient band. If you like to know experimental music, and to listen to something different, you might want to give it a try - after all the songs are available for download.
  • Room 404 - File Not Found is a blog about art, written by my and Mistress Violeta. The talk has been almost only about music, with no restriction about style - we just cover stuff with artistic interest (for us at least).
  • WeBreakStuff is an Web 2.0 "company" (almost a company - legal stuff still needed), but Fred blogs there about several issues. Few posts but almost all of them interesting, about technology, design, usability and stuff like that, without being very technical (which is, IMHO, a good factor).
  • Dead 2.0 is a recent feed on my news reader - but I'm already a fan. He talks mostly about the hype around Web 2.0, bashing inteligently and funnily (the way I like it) without doing just the usual "web 2.0 sucks" stuff - he really goes down on the apps he reviews (much like PostBubble or TechCrunch), but he doesn't mind criticizing them harshly - we need the truth, not politeness.
  • Oh não, criei um blog!, to end the list, is a Portuguese and funny blog - recommended for those here that don't want to know about technology stuff but only about betting a good laugh once in a while.

And you, what are your recommendations?