Flock news

Flock logoYou probably heard about Flock: a new web-browser, still on beta, based on Firefox, that aims to be a "social browser". As one of the creators put it,
"I view the browser as a vehicle for creating your online identity. So people are increasingly going towards mobile and to some extent the living room. Right now it's certainly not in our short-term plans. But I do see the browser as being the primary interface to your life online."
I've decided some time ago to move from SeaMonkey to Flock when it goes live (as in stable, as in 1.0).The reasons are all there - using such a browser will improove not only the user experience but also my productivity. Now, the news are that, according with Read/WriteWeb,
"Geoffrey said they're planning to go-live (out of beta) in October this year and he is confident that Flock can become a big player in what is a very tough market."
Excelent news!

If you're interested to know more on Flock, you might want to listen to this interview: