Can you please sue Microsoft?

I get extremely pissed off every time I stumble upon something like this page. This is an official Microsoft manual where they're "teaching" how to format text on CSS documents, in this case the so-called "word-wrap Attribute". Now, let me quote W3C on this: "Property word-wrap doesn't exist : break-word". In fact, if you go and see the standard, CSS 2, nothing there about it. If you go to the upcoming versiona, CSS 2.1, still not final and thus not a standard, nothing there about it. Oh, but you can find it... on the CSS 3 proposal. Too bad that CSS 3 is yet to be released, and there are no plans to see it out soon. Also, only the latest version of IE implements CSS 2... so why are they recommending CSS 3 stuff?

Microsoft: wanting the world full of garbage since... ever.