From the Vaults

My From the Vaults CD has arrived, and I must say that "DevilStone Music" would suck if it was even a record company, but it isn't and the only CD they have is this one. I really don't know how did they manage to get the license from the "Church Of The Perverted" to re-issue "Genisis of the Devil" under this other name... But, hey, at list this made me get a "legal" copy of Genesis of the Devil. I still can't get how can they mix up all this things in one CD without copyright infringements, but they do... First two tracks come from one CD, the third from another one, the forth from another, 5, 6 and 7 from one another, eight from yet another one, and the ninth track is the only reason for someone to buy this (since the other CD's are easily available to buy, complete) because there's in any other compilation of Spooky Kids stuff that I know of. Anyway, it's a Misery Machine Spooky Kids version, and they claim that this is the "First ever recording of Marilyn Manson", which is completely false since there are recordings from Marilyn Manson dating 1989, and Misery Machine wasn't even written until 1992 when the band had been around for a couple of years already.

Anyway, I have now 60 Marilyn Manson Audio CD's.

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