Choosing a cellphone

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Like I did last year, I'm starting (exactly at this instant) to choose what will be my next cellphone. As for it's brand, and for the the same reasons as before, I'll choose a Motorola.

Now, I have a C650 and I like it, and I obviously want to have an equal or better cellphone. The choices:

  • C650
  • E1
  • E1000
  • E1070
  • E398
  • L 6
  • MPX200
  • MPX220
  • U 6
  • V3 Black
  • V3 Silver
  • V3 X
  • V360
  • V400p
  • V545
  • V600
  • V620
  • V975
Since I'm wanting to get one of those toys only if they cost less than "x" (being "x" a value yet to be defined), I'll start by ordering them by price. The prices table I have has some silly stuff (better cellphones cheaper than worse ones), so in those cases I'll just eliminate the worse ones (in the cases I know they're worse).

  • Motorola C650
  • Motorola V545
  • Motorola L 6
  • Motorola V360
  • Motorola V975
  • Motorola E1000
  • Motorola V620
  • Motorola V400p
  • Motorola V3 Black
  • Motorola E1
  • Motorola MPX220
  • Motorola U 6
  • Motorola V600
  • Motorola E1070
  • Motorola V3 Silver
  • Motorola V3 X
  • Motorola MPX200

V545 is better than C650 but is quite ugly, so I think I'll discard that one... Let's see.

I would prefer a cellphone that would allow video recording and that had mp3 playing capabilities. L3
captures up to 15 seconds of video, but has no mp3 player.

Motorola V360, not being ugly as hell like V545, isn't exactly preety, but has an mp3 player along with the video recording software.

V975 as ugly as V360, is more expensive and has more capabilities that I won't use.

Now, E1000 is a phone that I already know, and when I got my C650 I said "my next phone will be an E1000". Well, I didn't knew that it would be this soon, and the price of E1000 may be too expensive for me to choose it.

What about the others? I don't know, they're too expensive for a mobile phone. I don't need more than what mine does nowadays. Having the possibility to make small video recordings is something I would like to have, tho, and I already have one mp3 player, having it on the cellphone is just to avoid being with two gadgets instead of one. Everything above E1000 are features that I won't use. So why bother? I don't know, when I get myself decided I'll post here...

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