Crap 2.0

Following my rants on Web 2.0 and all the hype around it, here's another post.

Today I've heard of Yet Another Web2.0App, Zoomr. Yes, the name couldn't be a more shameless plug, Zoomr is another WebApp that does the same as another existent one, Flickr, which almost everyone knows now, it's used by everyone, and nobody will use another one unless it's really really better, preetier and innovative. Well, this one ISN'T. I think that creating one webapp like this (when there's already others) is filling Internet with garbage, even if Melo points out something good on this webapp. Now, I totally agree with Melo: distributed authentication is a really nice thing to have, and I think that every webapp would be better if it had it. I just don't think that Zoomr is worth shit just because it has it.

Lesson of today: if you want to create an web application, try to implement a distributed authentication system, since that's a nice to have, and do something INNOVATIVE unless you're doing it just to piss me off.

Yes, I also think that the future of the desktop is the Web, but it can only happen if you innovate.


  1. Hello,

    I think you missread me. I never said Zoomr was a cool app or that by having distributed auth it becomes a cool app.

    I start exactly by saying that I could not care less about zooomr...

    Thanks :)

  2. Yes, I understood that, but maybe I didn't use the right words to express myself... I'll try to edit the post, sorry ;-)