Marilyn Manson update

As I've promissed, I'm here posting about news in Marilyn Manson's world.

Marilyn Manson's official site has been updated with a new intro chock full of subliminal sounds and imagery. When the intro movie is clicked, it redirects to a new splash page for The Celebritarian Corporation.

We get a flash presentation with lot's of obfuscated vocal samples buried in the new site's music, which seems also to be a player: just press your keyboard's space and enter buttons to change tracks and volume.

Lot's of Columbine/Hitler nods, a "FOR JUVENILES ONLY" speech, a paper about columbine, two gunmen dead, Charles Manson's eyes, a board saying the day the [person on the picture] cried, all ending in the Celebritarian picture.

The update was made at the 20th of April, years after Hitler's birth, who then died in a 30th of April. The 20th of April also was the day Columbine's massacre happened. Any relation?

But friends, let's not say only what you can see, let's say some refereces to keep us all busy until another update arrives. For instance, the speech you can hear is from the Enochian World of Aleister Crowley.

Plus, the numbers shown in January on the site are actually in Enochian. You can use this text to help you translate it.

More revelant pictures from the intro here. I'll be back on this issue when I manage to get the time to.