On blogging

There are lot's of blogging applications, and none perfect. Why? Well, my guess is that it's use hasn't matured yet to the point that people know about what are the best approaches for stuff. Monday I posted something on the issue, when I said that I was thinking what was the best way to manage my own stuff: I blog about several things in several places... And if there's stuff I could avoid, like talking here about art instead of doing it on room 404, other stuff can't have the coice: for instance, it doesn't make sense to have Merankorii posts here - fans of the band don't have to read my personal blog, even if it would fit for people reading this blog to have to read Merankorii's posts. But there are other issues that are discussed, like the recent discussion about blog folds on Planet Debian. On that issue, I have to agree to whoever wrote something (I think it was Fred at WeBreakStuff, but I couldn't find the blog post about it and now I'm not completely sure) about the issue, that was begging for people to stop posting incomplete RSS posts (like /. does), so if you want to read the whole post you must visit the blog/site, and explained why. On my issue, tho, I'm still not sure about what should I do. For once, I thought that the sollution was to have another planet: turn Planet Noori to a planet aggregating only the feeds of places where I post, and have another planet to do what Planet Noori achieves now: giving me all the stuff I want to read. But it's alerady painful to maintain one Planet, I'm not wanting to have to maintain two of them, specially when one of them is for you and not for me... But we still need a galaxy service to make this kind of stuff easier...

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