Google Accounts

Google AccountsGoogle Accounts is a stressing big stinky joke. It is supposed to be the way you had to be authenticated in every service from Google, and there's even an API so you can authenticate your users in your website using Google Accounts. In practice, it's the way to get multiple accounts in one service in a way that it turns out you stop being able to use it at all. Not every Google service needed a e-mail address to work as a login, Google Accounts does. And then, I have lot's of email addresses. So what? Well, it turns out that I must have more than TEN Google Accounts, and that's a messa because, for instance, in some services I have like three accounts, but account A and account B have the same account (just two different "account owners", and account B and C have the same "username" (an e-mail address, in fact) but different passwords. In some services some accounts work, in others other accounts work, grrr... WHAT A FRIGGIN' MESS! The result? For example, now I don't have any account (I know of) on Google Groups, but I recieve e-mails from some groups... which I can't avoid, since I can't unsubscribe nor reply nor ... NOTHING!