In Your Face

One thing that really gets me frustrated (and yes, I know that probably I'm not the only one) is that people in general don't take me seriously. That is particulary frustrating when they know even before I start talking that they will think about me as fundamentalist, close-minded and extremist, so, whatever my oppinion is about something, it isn't to be taken seriously and it is probably wrong. Of course that since that happens with almost everyone, it is not their problem but mine, and I have no "shame" or something of admiting it - I just take lot's of time thinking about the reasons and what's wrong with me (or with the world - you know what they say about lunatics).

One problem is exactly that - I think too much. I absolutely believe that if I take the time to explain all the background and mindset necessary to understand why some company is evil or some product sucks, the other person (if not brainless) will understand your point and eventualy agree or refute with valuable aspects that I didn't take into consideration. The problem is that the mindset is so big that noone would stand to take all the time/concentration necessary to understand it.

Another problem is that people usually don't want to be questioned. If they live happily day by day doing something extremely wrong one a week, they don't want to know they're are doing it, and they don't even want to have an open discussion where the hypothesis of that to happen. So no, people don't want to hear about "you should stop doing that, because" or something like that.

I made my life in a different way. Most people (and I really mean most) that made their first, let's say, 20 years of life as I did became socially inaddapted. I didn't (yes, I know that's arguable) because I didn't became a gamer with no life, or a nerd (any kind of, not just computer nerd) with no life, or a music addict with no life... I had lot's of interested and used my time to explore intensivelly any of those. So, while I'm not good in making conversatins and washing dishes, or talking about soccer, there are some themes that leave me thrilled, and usually for those there are some fields I really digged at the extent of having a deep insight (and fundamented but not obvious oppinions) about. Most people that did something simillar, did about one theme and used that as a "work", using the "time taken" from the other issues to the "ordinary social stuff". That's what makes an excellent phisicist or an excellent astronomer, that, while having (as anyone) oppinions about other stuff, you take it as anyone else except (and only) in his field: I would never contest someone I value at physics on something that person says about physics - but only on that theme. When someone has deep thoughts and oppinions about so many things (and yes, of course each and everyone can be wrong, as everything and everyone) is first just looked as "weird" and then as radical, fundamentalist, and YOUR mindset defaults to thing that "he can't be well fundamented about all he says, so he's full of bullshit, even if he believes he's right".

But the biggest problem is that I'm totally "In Your Face". I don't start with introductions, I don't soften the problem, if something sucks I say it sucks, and if something is evil I'll just say "EVIL". If you told a smoker from the XVIII'th century that he should stop smoking or he would die, he would look at you as anyone looks at me when I take a judgement on something.

Now, I really have something that would improove your life quality like A LOT, and that's only because there's a little something you unconsiously do and you shouldn't. Of course that you don't want to even hear about it, so I'll probably get a PR to announce it - and as soon as you read a flyer about it, then you'll believe. The difference is that you're believing in anonymous data, and I'm just someone you consider a friend.


I've read it once, and I understand that probably you'll think I'm full of shit, egocentric and stuff like that. Please, just think that, even if all what I wrote is wrong, stupid, nonsense, egosomething or anything else, there are two things that are undoubtly true: I really pass through this kind of stuff and this really leaves me frustrated (even if you think that it happens because I'm an asshole or something like that). And I wrote this because I needed to "spit it out". Not to cause any reaction at all - just because. Yet, if you're one of those guys that think that I'm fundamentalist, or a jerk, or you don't, if you have the slightest clue of what I'm talking here, please take the time to comment on this post and tell me what you think about this issue - or something. It's the right place, the right time, and you're free to be harsh, rude, or whatever you want - I'll take every insult as positive criticism on myself :-P

Edit: Oh, and yes, I know that I suck on explaining things. And I have to explain too much background stuff I also get tired and bored. And if I'm emotionally involved in what we're talking about I'll get grumpy and unable to make my stand. I know.