Live Debian

DebianMany people I know, including myself, have as his GNU/Linux distribution of choice Debian, but we all learned that having a Live CD is usefull, so we tend to have a nice Live CD of another distro, probably Debian-based (and probably Knoppix). Well, soon there will be no need of that (or now, if you're into using unstable stuff). The Debian Live iniciative plans to release (after Debian Etch AKA 3.2 releases) official Debian Live CDs, DVDs, USB-stick and netboot images for stable Debian releases. Those live-media will come bundled with debian-install, so you'll have one CD/DVD/whatever that is both the instalation for a Debian system and a Live Debian distro.

Regarding to etch itself, the Debian team is still aiming at December for the release, but at this moment there are still 268 release-critical bugs to be fixed, so one per day won't be enough...